Based on my experience with "artist", "sculpture" Glen Mayo (G. Mayo Elements), artweld, this is a free speech site on based on my personal opinions and experiences

with Fort Lauderdale based "artist", "sculptor", "railing", "door, "furniture" maker Glen Mayo artist, sculptor, furniture maker.

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Caveat Emptor

Glen Mayo is currently under investigation for fraud with the Fort Lauderdale Police Department.

You may contact them at 954-828-5700, Case No. 12-079108.

Below is my final email exchange with him that sums up the events of my experience, in my opinion.

Other than his harassment of me by phone, text, visiting my home and inciting a call through a third party to me when clearly instructed below to leave me alone, he has done nothing to date to refund the amounts I believe to be stolen or refute any claim below other than to express confusion as to why I feel threatened.

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Subject: Conclusion
Date: Mon, 09 Jul 2012 12:04:14 -0400
From: Judith


This is to confirm our final discussion, your threatening demeanor yesterday and your continued harassing, screaming calls this morning.

To my knowledge, every word you have said since we met in February has turned out to be a lie. 

In February, I came in requesting a bed frame for a few hundred dollars.  Instead, you convinced me to hire you to build a bed that I now believe you have never had any intention of delivering as I believe it was merely a ruse to steal funds.

Yesterday you, yet again, failed to have the bed completed as promised, indicated that to me that you would not deliver anything going forward, refused to refund any of the $1250 I have paid in deposits towards the bed by stating that I "would never get a dime" (all of this contrary to our written agreement requiring delivery months ago) and you then demanded that I leave your "studio".

You claimed not to have $750 available to provide even a partial refund to me despite your claims to have done large projects and art shows, and driving a high end motorcycle and vehicle.

You repeatedly stated that you have no knowledge of the math and physics of creating and building structures despite the fact that you claim to build doors, stair railings and other structures that would certainly require such knowledge to be completed safely and in compliance with building codes.

For the second time, you stated to me that other clients you claim to have are unable to move into their homes due to your alleged projects remaining unfinished.

Your behavior in total, combined with your threatening demeanor towards me, leads me to believe that you are not an "artist" but a con-artist with other victims.

Do not continue to make harassing phone calls to me and under no circumstances are you to visit my residence.  As stated repeatedly, I am not interested in any offer you may make to provide any piece of furniture to me as I do not believe anything you say or that it would ever arrive, nor do I want any reminder of you or this experience in my home, I would be fearful that such item was not safely constructed given your pronounced ignorance, and I am fearful for my personal safety period in your presence.

If you wish to rectify my belief that you have stolen my money, you may leave a cashier's check in my name for the full amount I paid you in my mail box by the end of tomorrow.

I will be reporting this situation to the police since, at this point, I have to ensure my personal safety above all else.


On 6/29/2012 12:03 PM, G MAYO wrote:
ok !

On Jun 29, 2012, at 11:54 AM, Judith wrote:

Let's be sure we're all done by July 8 plz.

If you need to remeasure, let me know.